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Do you ship to...?

Unless it's the moon, or a handful of difficult locations, yes. We ship there.

  • To elaborate, we are glad to help ship out a Voodrop around the world. We've shipped to dozens of countries already. 
  • When we ship internationally, we'll need your help to guide the package in to your destination. You'll need to pay for customs, but it's not that scary.
  • We'll need to insure that we have a good contact phone and email for you so that UPS can contact you to wrap up the final stages of shipment.
  • Basically, UPS will contact you when your package gets to your country. There will be a note that says that the package is held in customs and there will be a link to "Pay Now." Once you pay, UPS will clear the package for final delivery.
  • Check our page for estimates on shipping and customs: International Shipping Policy